Towa asked me to teach Mitsuki as well. You were upset that you did badly for the test, right? So he was worried for you.
To Mitsuki, Chapter 4
Thanks to my siblings, I'm more used to being around girls... But I guess you can't put it that way either, I barely understand what they are thinking, so I just try to be nicer to them, that's all.
To his friends, Chapter 8
But there's no helping it once you fall in love.
To Towa, Chapter 8
I think that you should continue setting your expectations high and trying with fruitless efforts over and over again, just like you are now.
To Mitsuki, Chapter 9
I think the girls who are amazing are those who never give in, no matter how many times they fall apart.
To Mitsuki, Chapter 9
How about you try being honest with your feelings and just like them once and for all? To the point where you don't have to hold back.
To Mitsuki, Chapter 20