Volume 3



Japanese Name 春待つ僕ら
Harumatsu Bokura
English Name Waiting For Spring
General Information
Volume Title Courting on the Court
(JP) ISBN-10 4063658287 [1]
(JP) ISBN-13 978-4063658286 [1]
(US) ISBN-10 1632365189 [2]
(US) ISBN-13 978-1632365187 [2]
Publisher Kodansha
Released Date (JP) August 12, 2015
Released Date (US) November 28, 2017
Serialization Dessert
Demographic Shoujo
Genre School life, Romance
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Waiting For Spring 3 is the 3rd volume of the Haru Matsu Bokura series by Anashin.


Mitsuki overcomes some hiccups in her friendship with Towa, and the two grow even closer! But before Mitsuki can celebrate, her old friend Aya is on the offense, vying for her attention. Mitsuki meets a new rival as well, and every day is as busy as every play. Meanwhile, with the Inter-High prelims just around the corner, Towa and his team must train hard to go up against the prestigious Hōjō High School’s star-player: Aya! [3]


Z40Mitsuki Haruno
A girl who wants to escape being alone. She finds herself at the mercy of a group of gorgeous guys that have become regular customers at the Cafe where she works.

Z41Towa Asakura
Mitsuki's classmate. He is quiet and a bit spacey, but he's always there to help her.

Z42Aya Kamiyama
Mitsuki's best friend from elementary school. When they finally meet again, she discovers he was a boy all along.

Z43Rui Miyamoto
A first year in high school. His innocent smile is adorable, but it hides a wicked heart?!

Z44Kyousuke Wakamiya
A second-year in high school. Mysterious and always cool-headed. He is like a big brother to everyone.

Z45Ryuuji Tada
A second-year. Comes off as bad boy, but is rather naive. He's crushing on the Boss's daughter, Nanase-san.

"Nana-san" for short. The Boss's daughter. Straightforward and resolute, she's like a reliable big sister.

PprnReina Yamada
Mitsuki's first friend from her class. she has somewhat eccentric tastes?!

Run's the cafe where Mitsuki works and kindly watches over her.

PpmsMaki Sudou
Mitsuki's friend who is in the girls' basketball club and also likes Towa.

Aya's club manager at Hojo High School.


To be like her role model Aya-chan Mitsuki is determined to make some real friends in high school, but her days pass by without much success. She finds solace at the cafe where she works, but it doesn't stay a sanctuary for long... One day, the school's celebrities-the Elite Four Hotties of the Basketball Team-appear out of nowhere! Before She knows it, Mitsuki gets caught up in their silly hi-jinks. As she spends more time with the four of them, she begins to meet new people and make new friends, too. When she goes to the practice game to cheer the boys on, she is reunited with Aya-chan and is stunned to learn that her childhood best friend was actually a boy! What's more, he aggressively pursues her and makes a bet with Towa!


  • Period 11 "We're Friends...But?"
  • Period 12 "Sense of Impending Troubles?"
  • Period 13 "Did This Love Become...Serious?"
  • Period 14 "Dong 'That' with 'That Girl'?!"
  • Period 15 "Where Does Seriousness Lead?!"


  • The 3rd volume of the Japanese manga series was ranked 24th [4] and 46th [5] on the Oricon chart between August 10 and 23, 2015 with a cumulative sales of 66,117 copies sold.